Once we have a tested product through the Check Stand Program and we know from our convenience store distributors and wholesalers that it can sell on retail shelves, you will want to gain national distribution with that product. National product distribution is where the product can be found in every state in one store or many.

You will want to look at the following type of stores:

Your options are to utilize the Sales Program offered to all products that have proven sales ability.

When you are searching for C Store Distributors then you will find out quickly that there are all types of Distributors to just Convenience Stores. This is the same case for every store type. Service Distributors are a commonly sought after type for example.

You will want to find a complete network and be able to connect with each of them so that you can build out your program and sales team properly.

We offer the Sales Program which can walk you through each of these steps in order to gain that distribution.

If you would like to utilize the Check Stand Program you can gain access and a test to distributors that can help you gain a foot hold in that area.