The Checkstand Program

Do you have a product for convenience stores? The Checkstand Program can place your product into anywhere from 200-10,000 convenience stores within a couple of weeks throughout the U.S.

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National Distribution

Once we have a tested product through the Checkstand Program and we know from our convenience store distributors and wholesalers that it can sell on retail shelves you will want to gain national…

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Why Us?

We are a proven resource for brands that are wanting to launch a product into the marketplace. We started with products ourselves and have built relationships over the past 15 years with key decision makers.

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Big Box Store Program

With so many customers of ours becoming successful, we had to put together our blend of the sales program. This program is for products ready for market, or looking to get into Big Box Stores.

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Convenience Store Distribution | Convenience Store Brokers – Checkstand Program is America’s # 1 Product Launch Specialist that guarantees convenience store distribution in anywhere from 200 to 10,000 convenience stores.

Launch your product into the market place through our network of c store chains, convenience store distributors, DSD food and beverage distributors, convenience store brokers and convenience store rack jobbers throughout the U.S. 


Convenience Store Distribution – Checkstand Program allows you to get your product on the front counters of anywhere from 200 to 10,000 convenience stores instantly. Our program is designed to take your product and increase volume through testing and getting confirmation of sales on the launch. It is a great way to expand into convenience store market because you are actually gaining convenience store distributors and convenience stores while you test.

The normal method of taking a product to market is to contact as many people as you can and hopefully make some sales. You try to build relationships and make thousands of calls to do so.  When you run the Checkstand Program in 1,000 stores, we get your product into several convenience store distributors instantly. You have complete access to our c store distributors and you will have all of their contact information. You also get to leverage our relationships that we have with them. Why would someone take so many years to try and build something when they can have that same level of success inside a few short weeks?

The cost is $10.00 dollars per store and a free display for each store that you test. We can distribute anywhere from 200 up to 5,000 convenience stores. Once we run the test with our convenience store distributors/stores and it is a success, we take the results and push it to all of our sales channels that include convenience store chains, convenience store distributors, dsd food and beverage distributors, convenience store brokers and convenience store rack jobbers throughout the U.S.

We test with convenience store suppliers because they can reorder for more stores than the original test. When they find a product that sells and sells well, they will expand it out to their entire market. This increase in sales means larger purchase orders for you.

This process works. When you sign up with us, you take advantage of the years we have spent building these relationships. We have placed multiple orders with our team through many different products.  We can promote and find ways to grow your product within our team once we get the product selling on the retail shelves.


After a successful launch, your product is pushed into our broker network. Our network covers over 25,000 convenience stores and the top big box stores including WalmartWalgreen’s and CVS.


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  • "The Checkstand Program got us into hundreds of stores within a few weeks. The program paid for itself ten times within a few months!"
  • "The CSP program was a great way for me to launch my product into the convenience store industry."
    Mr. Van Time
    Jack Pot Shots
  • "Great program! Helped me get all of my product line in several hundred stores across the U.S. I recommend this program to anyone looking for convenience store distribution."
    Mr. Anast
    JA Design