With over a decade of experience, we are a proven resource for brands that are wanting to launch a product into convenience stores. We started with products ourselves and have built these relationships through blood, sweat and tears. Over time we understand the convenience store industry and how valuable these relationships are.

You maximize the full potential of our Checkstand Program when you leverage our relationships to get your product into stores. We are not saying that you can’t gain distribution yourself. We understand that it takes many brands years to gain a handful of convenience store distributors.

When you are looking for retail distribution, you will have to have the proper pricing structure, the proper selling points, the perfect packaging, and then you have to make sure what you believe works actually works. You can spend tons of time trying to sell a product that needs fine tuning and a better message. With our portfolio of sales you gain that expertise inside of a few months with a quick test. You find out everything about packaging and pricing straight from the guys on the streets.

Unlike a handful of other programs, we are in it for the long haul. Our goal is to find products that sell well and broker those products to the rest of our market.

Lastly, relationships and knowledge. We have talked about it, but really it comes down to understanding the market and your product. Contact us by filling out the form, or calling us and let’s talk. You will probably understand more once you talk to us.