About Us




Our team behind the innovative “spill-resistant” spittoon has been a driving force in the start-up world since 2004. Successfully inventing, manufacturing many products ourselves, and becoming the sole supplier of this patented product DipTops, we’ve expanded our creativity into various other products and enhancements. Our strategic vision has landed nationwide promotions with giants like U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. and Swisher International, selling products to over 30,000 stores in the U.S./Canada, including big names like 7-Eleven, Shell, Bass Pro, and Rite Aid.

Guiding transactions and closing deals with Fortune 500 companies, our team has been instrumental in promoting our own products at major sporting events like NASCAR, PBR, NHRA, and MLB. We were the driving force and directing sales across 250 distribution centers and 75 national major retail accounts nationwide. We have also implemented competitive strategies for national magazines, earning PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2006 by C-Store Magazine.

Leveraging our strong relationships with convenience store distributors and brokers, our team founded the “Checkstand Program,” helping hundreds of companies launch products into convenience stores and smoke shops!

“We have helped hundreds of companies successfully launch products into convenience stores, and we enjoy the challenge!”