How does the Checkstand Program work?

Here are the steps in detail what is needed to get your product placed in our network of convenience stores.

  1. You choose how many stores you would like your product to be placed in (200 to 5,000).
  2. The cost is $10.00 per store and a free display per store.
  3. If you want pictures of the product in the stores, we charge an extra $5.00 per store.
  4. If you want addresses of where product is placed, we charge an extra $5.00 per store.
  5. We get a contract executed for that number of stores.
  6. We contact our distribution team and find the best locations based on your type of product.
  7. You ship strait to our contacts, where we will provide you with all of their contact information.
  8. We follow up and report on how the test is going and what we can do to make it better.
  9. We follow up to get reorders and manage those accounts for you at a 5% brokerage.
  10. Once we have dialed in the process to get the product moving in stores we move forward to gaining national distribution.

Many brands are ready to get going and are not sure how to get their product(s) into stores. They have a great concept or a great product and they just want sales. They are not sure what they need to do next to make this happen. The solution is simple, the Checkstand Program.

We also offer consulting to get your ready for market through our Premium Package. We can help you get the perfect packaging and all the right collateral needed to make a huge impact in the market. This is all part of the process needed for getting ready for a test.

Already ready with everything needed? Great! Just fill out the form below to get started.

You provide sales sheets and distributor pricing for taking the product to market and we do the rest. Once we have the material needed we can schedule shipments and get your product onto retail shelves in a few short weeks.

Contact us today and let’s get started. Once the Checkstand Program is completed, we can move towards discussing National Distribution.