Checkstand Program Reviews | Testimonials


  • "The Checkstand Program got us into hundreds of stores within a few weeks. The program paid for itself ten times within a few months!"
  • "The CSP program was a great way for me to launch my product into the convenience store industry."
    Mr. Van Time
    Jack Pot Shots
  • "Great program! Helped me get all of my product line in several hundred stores across the U.S. I recommend this program to anyone looking for convenience store distribution."
    Mr. Anast
    JA Design

Checkstand Program Reviews | Testimonials

Checkstand Program


I’ve been inventing things my whole life, but now I know I finally have something that people will want to buy. The problem is I had no idea how to get it to them besides setting up a table at some show somewhere. Instead I heard about Checkstand Program and immediately contacted them. Within weeks my product was in local convenience stores, and even across the country. I couldn’t believe it! The money is rolling in and I love working with Checkstand Program.


After a successful launch, your product is pushed into our broker network. Our network covers over 25,000 convenience stores and the top big box stores including WalmartWalgreen’s and CVS.