Launching a Product Using Convenience Store Distributors

Launching a Product Using Convenience Store Distributors


So you have a new product line that you want to sell through convenience stores. You might have manufactured the product yourself or you might have sourced the product through another manufacturer. The product is tested, packaged and ready to go out into the market and in the hands of the customers and you can’t wait to get your new business or product rolling. But then you stumble on your way to distribution channels. You can’t reach the retailers you want to reach or you can’t get the pricing you were hoping for. Here is where the Checkstand Program, which deals in convenience store distribution, can help you.

So how can the Checkstand Program help your business?

C store brokers or convenience store distributors have a relationship with retail stores of all sizes and models built through years of business. The Checkstand Program is one such business model that deals in distribution of products across the country. Such programs help your product reach thousands of convenience stores in less time and with much ease.

How does this process work?

Convenience store distributors have a business relationship with thousands of retailers and other convenience stores. So when you hire the services of a distributor or c store broker, then you automatically benefit from this vast network of distribution channels.

These distributors or brokers help your product reach the best markets for a fee. The fee charged is different for each broker. When you approach the Checkstand Program for your business, you can choose from 200 to 5000 convenience stores for your product placement. The Checkstand Program charges $10.00 for every store and as an added bonus also includes one free display in every store that you select for your business.

When you want to utilize the Checkstand Program, tell us about your product details and your sales pitch. You might want to tell us about your product and volumes, discounts if any, your business expectations, wholesale and retail pricing of your product, how many units of your product you have in stock, your manufacturing time and your inventory.

When there is an agreement in place, the contract is signed between us parties mentioning all the discussed and agreed points and then the business can begin. We charge brokerage of about 5% for managing the accounts after a successful launch

What are the benefits of using the Checkstand program?

There are many advantages of using convenience store brokers such as the Checkstand Program for your business.

– Your business benefits from the vast number of convenience stores we can place your product in instantly.

– When you choose the Checkstand Program can narrow down the list of stores that seem like the best for your product. Since not all stores cater to all product types this helps your product reach the target market in minimum amount of time.

– Our network of distributors communicate with convenience stores for the best placement of your product.

– Once the initial launch of the product has been completed and it is a success, we can continue to broker and try to launch your product in new markets. Marketing of a product is an ongoing process. Everyday new products find their way into the stores. These new products can be your direct competitors and hence eat into the market share of your product line and thus harm your business. So reaching new stores and establishing new business relationships other than the existing ones is of paramount importance in today’s marketplace.

– Then you also get the benefit of instant feedback on your product. When a product is launched into convenience stores the initial days are more like test runs. Customers at the store look into the new product and might buy it. Customers happy with the product might ask the store to stock up on it if the store runs out of the initial number.

The Checkstand Program communicates the feedback we receive from the convenience store distributor back to you. This way you know what is right with your product and what is not and if something needs improving then you can work on it without delay.

– You also save time as your marketing time gets reduced and can utilize the same for other aspects of your business.