CBD Vapor Private Label

cbd hemp oil e juice

CBD Vapor Private Label

cbd hemp oil e juice



As the title suggests, at least part of the content of this article is specifically directed at certain businesses. The businesses under consideration are those who have their own line of cigarette products, whether they are electronic cigarettes and related products and/or traditional cigarettes. But, individuals and shops (pharmacies or smoke shops) will also find useful information here.


About CBD vapor


CBD vapor or CBD e-juice is just a liquid that is used in the heating chamber of an electronic cigarette, which is also called variously as vaporizer, e-cigarette, and vape pen. The point of interest is CBD, also known as cannabidiol. The compound is naturally present in cannabis plants. Another compound that is present is cannabis plants naturally is THC, also known as tetrahydocannabinol. Being cannabis derives, both THC and CBD affect our bodies in different ways.


THC is present in marijuana. It is responsible for intoxicating you and is called a psychoactive chemical. But, it is not without its positive traits. Various studies have shown that THC can be used to alleviate nausea and vomiting as well as pain. But, it intoxicating effects do not bode well for use in large doses.


CBD, on the other hand, does not cause intoxication. Our CBD e-juice contains contains hemp oil, which is the source of cannabidiol. This hemp oil comes from industrial hemp. Both industrial hemp and marijuana are similar in that they are varieties of cannabis, but they have one main difference: THC. The hemp oil contains barely any quantity of THC. Therefore, our products are great for relaxation and for recreation, but they will not get you high. Why relaxation? Because CBD has anti-anxiety effects. It also has, like THC, properties that help relieve you of your pain.


Research into the properties and effects of CBD on human beings suggest that CBD can positively affect human beings. Cannabidiol can have many medicinal benefits including, but not restricted to, anti-psychotic effects, anti-inflammatory effects, and may be used as part of treatments for several diseases; what’s more, it has already been used in an orphan drug for helping patients who are living with Dravet’s syndrome, which is a very debilitating form of epilepsy that strikes during a person’s infancy. Some of the diseases where cannabidiol can play a potential role are acne, anxiety disorders, and migraine, to name a few. Certain studies also have demonstrated that CBD can help patients overcome the effects of nicotine withdrawal and also help smokers to cut down on the number cigarettes they smoke drastically.


Why should businesses want their own line of products


Usage of electronic cigarettes is on the rise. The reasons are many but the most important one, and something you can also use to attract more customers to buy CBD Vapor, is that harmful chemicals present in cigarettes are not present in electronic cigarettes. There are more than 4000 chemicals present and many of those chemicals have been proven to be carcinogenic, i.e., cancer causing. Another reason for using electronic cigarettes may be that people may want to experience the feeling of smoking without actually inhaling smoke. Also, e-cigarettes can be filled with liquids that contain very little or even no nicotine.


So, whatever the reason for the rise in e-cigarette use, your business should exploit the available market. Your own line of e-juice for e-cigarettes which contain no nicotine and no THC, and, therefore, give no harmful effects or intoxication, can help you to target and build a new customer base. If you already cater to users of vaporizers, then the addition to your product line can boost your sales. You will be able to offer your customers e-juices in a number of different flavors and having different concentrations of CBD, and, of course, no nicotine. You will essentially be enabling people to experiencing smoking without the harmful effects that are associated with traditional cigarettes.


How we can help


We manufacture our own hemp e-juice. We can manufacture our products for you under a private label or a white label, if you want the latter. We have four different flavors on offer. While we call them peach kush, wowi maui, strawberry bliss, and purple haze, they are, in effect, peach, tropical, strawberry, and dark berry flavored. Each of our bottles contain 10 ml of e-juice and they contain either 25 mg or 50 mg of cannabidiol. We sell our own brand Pure CBD Vapors 25 mg bottle for 19.99 dollars and the 50 mg one for 24.99 dollars.


We manufacture our products a United States pharmacopoeia laboratory and, as already mentioned, we can manufacture products for you too. Since our CBD is one which is extracted from industrial hemp, it is legal in every state of the country. For private label or white label pricing and other terms, please contact us at info@purecbdvapors.com. In addition to the hemp oil, our products contain added flavors, vegetable glycerin, food grade color, distilled water and GABA.


We want to make one thing very clear. We have not developed a product for helping cut down smoking. Yes, it does not have nicotine and CBD’s properties are such that it may be helpful for those trying to reduce smoking and dealing with withdrawal from nicotine, but our products are not designed for them. They are just for use in e-cigarettes.


What About Individuals and Other Kinds of Businesses


For those who want a white label or a private label, please contact us at 1-888-439-6468 and if you want to sell our products under the Pure CBD Vapors label, we can help you to stock up. You may be a pharmacy or an exclusive e-cigarette shop or just a convenience store, if you drop us a line, we will help you.


Finally, individuals, too, can benefit from our products www.purecbdvapors.com, which are available in shops around the nation, in all states. If you want to buy online, you can do that too. Go the shopping section of our website and select and order the products that you want. We will ship them to you. We will once again note here that our products are not for use as smoking cessation aids.