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Check Stand Program Represents Java Gum, Miracle of Aloe

Puts new products into c-store tests
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ST. LOUIS — The Check Stand Program added two new products to the collection of items that it has helped gain entry into convenience store distribution.

Java Gum, available in peppermint and spearmint, fights drowsiness and leaves breath minty-fresh. Each piece of Java Gum packs 65 milligrams of caffeine and is both sugar and gluten free. It recently launched into 400 stores. Also, Miracle of Aloe, a healing and restorative hand lotion, is launching into 500 stores through Checkstand Program’s services.

The Check Stand Program is designed to increase product volume through testing and getting confirmation of sales on the launch. It is a way to expand into the convenience store market by actually gaining convenience store distributors and stores while the product is tested, according to

The cost is $20 per store and a free display for that store.

Once a successful test is run, Alexander, Ark.-based Check Stand Program pushes the results to its sales channels, including convenience stores, distributors, brokers and jobbers.

Check Stand also includes a DSR Program, which puts products into all of its sales channels, including c-stores, drug stores and big-box stores.

By Anthony Bautista
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