Checkstand Program-Helping Companies Launch Products Into C-Stores Nationwide

Convenience Store Brokers is designed for companies attempting to get their products into major convenience store chains. The process can be a daunting and immensely difficult one. The Checkstand Program offers solutions for getting products into convenience stores and into the hands of their shoppers.

Checkstand Program is the number one convenience store product launch company, specializing in initiating successful product test launches and guaranteeing store distribution. Clients of the program can instantly see their products available at between 200 and 5,000 convenience stores nationwide. CSP helps companies launch their product into the marketplace, prove their concept to retailers and achieve major distribution at convenience stores.

CSP offers two distinct programs for companies looking to break into the convenience store industry:

First, the namesake Checkstand Program is designed to take a product and increase volume through market testing. It is a great way to expand into the convenience store market because the company is actually gaining convenience store distributors while the product is being tested. The cost of the service is $20 per store and a free display for that store.  Once the program runs the test with its partner convenience store distributors/stores and it is a success, it takes the results and uses them to sell the product to other convenience store chains, convenience store distributors, convenience store brokers and convenience store rack jobbers throughout the country through

CSP’s second program, the Premium Package, is designed to take a company’s product to all of the program’s sales channels and gain access to accounts, utilizing the product’s proven track history (if one exists) or new product promotions (if there is no track history). The Premium Package has a broker network and sales reps that sell directly to stores, including Walgreen’s, CVS, Target, Travel Centers, and large convenience store chains. The cost is 5k a month with a minimum sign up of 3 months. This program focuses on sales only.

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By Anthony Bautista
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